Wintersun Tango on the Gold Coast


No event in 2016

What people said  ………..

Your workshops turn light on tango mysteries. It will be remembered by many of our dancers and DJ.

Such a great time we are having, enjoying your fabulous music Keith Elshaw. Thanks for coming down. Best Tandas in the world

Heartfelt thanks and appreciation to Keith Elshaw for a fascinating, thought provoking and passionately delivered workshop. A real breath of fresh air to hear someone with knowledge talking about tango so freely. Highly enjoyable dancing to a selection of music ranging from: historically important and groundbreaking moments in tango music recorded history, to harlem jazz big band, to turkish tango orchestras from the 1930s. Keith Elshaw – controversial, provocative, but definitely never boring…. Bravo !

Thank you so much for a wonderful weekend of tango, fun and music.  What a wonderful result achieved for Para los Ninos.  Once again merci beaucoup. Cant wait for next year’s festival. Yours In Kindness, Muriel

Such a wonderful event, it reminded me very much of the large milonga’s that I attended weekly in the USA in my years living there.  When everyone gets dressed up, with beautiful atmosphere, beautiful dancers and fun the dance and watch.  Fantastic event.  Hugs Satina

Congratulations on an event that was memorable and successful, I am so happy I had the opportunity to be part of it and look forward to continuing my support!  Marisa

What a wonderful night I had on Saturday!  I have really fallen for the music and the dance and loved watching everyone.  It keeps going through my head. I was so glad to read your  email re the weekend.   How marvellous that you raised so much money!  See you soon, Pam

Wintersun 2015 Detail

Four great milongas including a Warm Welcome Milonga, the Gold Coast Marathon all-day milonga,   Red Carpet Milonga and the Aloha Milonga.

Saturday Seminario.  Come and go from the all day milonga for:

Special DJ and Musicality Workshops for Dancers: with Keith Elshaw,  International professional Tango DJ and the world’s No 1 Tango music remastering engineer;

Plus: Chacarera workshop (ready to dance on Sat night) – Yoga, Pilates & stretching for Tango – Belly dancing –  – Shoe selection and care – Leading Ladies – Tango etiquette – Spanish Tango language – Beginner Classes – Tango Styles – “Games People Play” Tango Games – “In the Zone” and how to get there.

Guitar Jam: Learn to play and sing a famous Tango song.

Lunchtime Tango Concert and Tango Movies

Shop for:

High Quality Remastered Music, direct from world #1 Tango music remastering engineer   – Designer Tango Clothing – Imported Tango Shoes – Shoe Care products – Commemorative shirts.

Packages from $65  CLICK HERE TO BOOK NOW

Special accommodation packages.

Supporters & Sponsors – Please check and support our supporters and sponsors – Local business, dance schools, milongas and practices – “Without you, we would not be”

Milonga White 150Wintersun Tango is a Milonga Para Los Niños event – embracing the children of Argentina & Latin America with the longest worldwide tango embrace since 2001.

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