About Milonga Para Los Niños

Our Vision
Dance is a uniquely human expression of joy and hope for mankind.  Tango is communication without words.  It is an embrace.

Milonga Para Los Niños reaches out to embrace the children of Argentina & Latin America to bring hope and joy to hteir lives in return for their gift to the world of Tango and Latin music and dance.

Our vision is to build a community of annual milongas (tango dances) around the world to improve and bring joy to the lives of children in Latin America.

You can help by offering one dance per year from your regular calendar or a special one-off event.

Our Mission
Our core values are:
To bring the world of Argentine Tango together in a worldwide Tango Embrace to benefit disposessed children in Argentina & Latin America.
To direct our aid directly to people and organisations who add value.
Event Organisers may pay direct expenses, but organisers must not charge for their services.
The organisation keeps its expenses to a minimum, so as to distribute the maximum funds to the beneficiaries.
Organisers give preference to suppliers who donate or discount their services.

We like to have fun, but there is a serious side to our fundraising.  Our work supports the provision of safe, loving home environments for dispossessed and abused children, enabling them to develop through education and resources into adults who contribute to society and humanity.

About Sociedad Para Los Niños
Milonga Para Los Niños is, we believe, the longest standing Tango based charity supporting disadvantaged and disposessed children in Argentina and other parts of latin America.

In 2001 a group of Tango friends in Brisbane, Australia, agreed to hold an elegant Tango Ball in Brisbane to express our gratitude for the gift of Tango to the world by supporting the children of Argentina in their hour of need, following the Argentine currency crisis.
They organised the first milonga at the Queensland Irish Club in November 2002 and Milonga Para Los Niños ™ was born. At the same time Patio de Tango with A Little Buenos Aires agreed to run the milonga in Sydney, Australia.
Sociedad Para Los Niños now holds annual events in Brisbane, Sydney and other Australian and international cities.  It generates other regular income from standing donations from  Comme il Faut alfresco milonga in Brisbane and at the Gold Coast, as well as the sale of merchandise.
The annual milonga / ball has been held in Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Auckland New Zealand, Germany and Buenos Aires, Argentina, the home of Tango.  Milongas are in the planning stages around Australia and internationally.
The non-profit organisation, Sociedad Para Los Niños Inc., was formalised by incorporation in Queensland, Australia in 2003 in order to demonstrate to organisers and donors that we comply with rigid Australian Government controls for handling public funding.
Its core value is to directly assist people who add value to the lives of disadvantaged children in South America. With the help of committee members in Argentina and others, we have established a supply chain to see that it happens without waste. To date, tools and goods have been distributed directly to foster homes and locally based individuals who are doing amazing things with minimal resources to improve the lives of children. We have provided basic essentials such as staple food, warm clothing and shoes, bedding, light bulbs and window glass. We also provided cooking equipment, farm tools and gas reticulation for cooking and heating.
One of our adopted partners was a privately run farm for street-kids to keep them off the streets and away from drugs and prostitution. Another two are foster homes that each house up to a dozen homeless and abused children.  We continue to renovate and extend these home to provide a safe, comforting environment for abandoned and abused children.
The people who run these groups are great humanitarians, the unsung heroes whose work would be impossible without support.
We have also taken one-time opportunities to assist orphanages and day-care centres in Brazil and Mexico and Argentina.
We are delighted that Sociedad Para Los Niños is gaining strength and running very smoothly after more than 12 years of operation.

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